UMass Small Business Innovation Research Center of Excellence

March 5, 2020

The UMass Small Business Innovation Research Center of Excellence (UML SBIR COE) is located in the UMass Lowell Research Institute (UMLRI) Northstar Campus.

The center helps high-tech startups and other small businesses by coaching them through SBIR/STTR applications and awards and then continues to offer guidance and other support, including technical and business assistance (TABA) for small companies as they execute the SBIR/STTR programs. The center can connect STTR teams to potential research partners in the UMass system, as well as to corporate partners such as primes and investors. In addition, the Northstar Campus offers hot desks, office space, meeting space, and events space.

The center supports companies pursuing all types of SBIR/STTRs in Massachusetts and nationally.


• Mentors and helps guide businesses through the SBIR process;
• Offers access to an inner circle of SBIR process experts and subject matter experts;
• Helps small businesses find a good topic and agency match;
• Provides experts to explore technological potential;
• Reviews and edits proposals for content, clarity, and cost;
• Offers in-reach to scientists at all UMass campuses who can enhance proposing teams; • Has a contracts specialist on board for post-award questions; and
• Offers business assistance in market research and capture.

“During COVID-19, we quietly built out a brand new 19,000 square foot incubator called Northstar Campus with offices, hot desks, meeting space, and event space. It’s near Hanscom AFB. We are starting to onboard members and there is a lot to do!” shared Stacy Swider, the UML SBIR COE director.

UMLRI is leading an initiative linking core competencies, academics, labs, resources, and institutions to DoD requirements, working to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and its commercial implementation, and helping to provide world-class technology to warfighters. Located in Lincoln, Mass., the Institute is founded on four foundational divisions: Defense Acquisition and Procurement R&D Programs, Additive Manufacturing, Academic Offerings with DoD focus, and the SBIR Center of Excellence.

Information about the center is available on its website: Institute/Work-with-UML/SBIR.aspx. The Northstar campus website is available at the following link: Swider can be reached at

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